Sep 23, 2009


Tuesday I took Sara Madalin to get her 15-month shots. We weren't able to get them a few weeks ago because of her fever. We got there a few minutes early and she took advantage of the time to explore EVERY inch of their 3 waiting rooms. The first thing we looked at, of course, was the "shish" tank.

We counted those shish about 5 times.

Then, she had to climb into and out of every chair. Only she was too short to climb into and out of every chair without the assistance of her driver. (That would be me, by the way.)

Then she just spent a few minutes running. This picture is pretty blurry because she was running toward me. Even though it's blurry, and she was running, she smiled pretty for Mommy.

She did well with her shots. She cried a little. But as soon as I picked her up off the table, she stopped. The nurse said, "Well, you sure do recover well." Then we got a Mickey Mouse sticker all was well in her world.

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Ashlee McCrary said...

i love how thick her curly hair is getting! =)