Sep 17, 2009

Sometimes You Just Do Whatever It Takes

Tuesday, Sara Madalin and I spent the day together. We started our day by going to the Post Office. We've been working on getting her a passport. You know this girl, she's got places to go and people to see.

So, when we got there, I thought all I'd have to do is hand them her picture, a copy of her birth certificate, fill out a quick form and be done.

No. I had quite a bit of information to fill out. Something like two or three pages. For the most part, she was good. She smiled and spoke to everyone in the office. But I know this girl, and I knew she needed something to occupy her little mind and hands. And what do you do when you're a mother of a toddler (busy one, at that), you're trying to fill out paperwork in the Post Office, and you need to keep her quiet and still? You reach into your purse and pull out a toothbrush your dental hygienist gave you at your last dentist appointment. (Please don't ask me how long ago that was?) Then you open said toothbrush and hand it to your toddler. And she plays with the toothbrush like a good little girl the entire time.

She sat there "brushing" her teeth until I was done. See all that drool? That's how I know she's happy.

I've learned in quite a few situations, sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to keep a toddler entertained.

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Ms. Shirley said...

I love It!!! Who else would have thought of that? She is so precious...can't wait for the White's to see her and SPOIL her some more.

Ashlee McCrary said...

this is so true! sometimes i'd do anything to keep rylie happy & content when i'm tryin to get somethin important done really quickly. toothbrush is such a clever idea!

Courtney said...

You have got to do what you got to do!