Sep 10, 2009

Splishin' & Splashin'

My little Sugar girl LOVES a bath. It's not so much the bathing portion that she loves - it's the splishing and splashing of the water that she enjoys. She likes playing with her water toys. And she likes for me to spray her with water.

See how much fun she's having. (I wish you could hear her laughing, 'cause she SO was.)

She likes for me to spray her in the mouth. She tries to drink the water. She's too funny.

After her bath, she likes to brush her teeth. She does NOT like to let Mommy brush her teeth. She's VERY independent.

Look at that concentration.

Dr. Ramsey will be proud of her when she starts visiting him in a few months. She now has two front teeth on top. Two more coming in on either side of those. She has three front bottom teeth. And she also has one tooth in the back top that has cut through. Before we know it, she will have a mouth full of teeth.

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