Sep 18, 2009

To Know Her is to Love Her

Another post about swimming lessons.

Here's Sara Madalin in one of her new swimsuits. Actually, it's not so new, she received it as a birthday present, but it is the first time she's worn it. It's leopard print, and we certainly do love us some animal print around here.

We usually have 5-10 minutes to wait before our swim lessons begin. And during that 5-10 minutes, we say "hey" to EVERYONE in the parents' waiting area, we walk every inch of the facility, we pet the mechanical dinosaur in the lobby, and we get a sip of water out of the fountain. It's a sprint, people, not a marathon.

Here she is checking out the changing room. She loves to walk under the counter where I change her clothes.

And she usually plays on the purple carpet if she has a few minutes.

Here she is in one of the private changing rooms. This is where I change clothes after lessons. She sits on that little bench while I change. And she pulls everything out of our swim bag and throws it on the floor.

By the time swim lessons start, I'm already tired. But, we prayed for a curious, intelligent child. And there is NO doubt that God answered that prayer. At least everybody knows us pretty much where ever we go. And to KNOW her is to LOVE her.

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Carrie said...

Hmmm...I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one with a curious child. Allie Claire does the same thing! She packs and unpacks her diaper bag at least five times a day. It drives me a little crazy, especially when she pries open the lid to her puffs and dumps them all over the floor!

Oh what fun these baby girls are! I am loving Sara Madalin's bathing suit. It's too cute.

Heather said...

Super cute swimsuit! Then again, what wouldn't look cute on that little angel. I bet you both are excited to be doing the swim lessons again (even if her energy before class tires you out).

Pam Stewart said...

She is adorable, and growing up so fast

Courtney said...

It always makes my day to read about What Sarah is up to. Love her swimsuit!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Malinda, what a cutie she is!

Love the progress on the office, it is looking great. I'm glad you like the bold color, it looks like a different room now. Looks like you have room on either side of the desk to put those other 2 pieces and then you could have room on the open walls on either side for a long table for later. But, I like how it's coming together.

Thanks for the heads up.