Sep 15, 2009

While Mommy's Away...

... Sugar will play. I had a meeting Monday night. Sara Madalin and Daddy spent a little quality time together while I was gone. And by quality time, I mean he let her take "EV-RAH-THANG" out of the "plastics" cabinet in the kitchen.

He said that once she found that little fork, she held it for the rest of the night. She held it while she played. She held it while they watched TV. He said she would just walk around the kitchen and living room holding that fork.

Oh, and that ribbon she has around her neck - it is a ribbon that was part of a basket I bought for storage in her bedroom. Don't you like the way she can use anything as an accessory? She is very fashion forward.

She is such a busy little girl. I missed her so much. But it looks like she enjoyed herself. And for me (and obviously for her Daddy too), that's all that matters.
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Leslee said...

awwwwww how cute! :)

K Storm said...

There is nothing like playing in the kitchen!! Sissy used to rearrange everything...I would find cans of tomato paste in some weird places! Little Sara Madalin is such a joy and fun to watch!