Oct 8, 2009

Another Day in Can-ton

I may have mentioned the small town of Canton, MS once or twice in my blogging past. Ok, maybe three times. But who's counting?

I don't think I've ever blogged about one of their biggest events of the year - the Canton Flea Market. It happens twice a year - on the second Thursday of May and October. It's a pretty big deal. There are people who travel from several surrounding states to attend this event. The town closes down pretty much. No school. No work. Just a big ole flea market.

Many of the businesses in the downtown area offer parking at their establishments. (Many of the home owners do too. I've parked in someone's backyard on more than one occasion.) Parking isn't cheap. The prices start pretty reasonably, I guess. Here's a sign offering a space for $10.

But the closer you get to town, the more the cost of parking is. I usually park in the same place if they still have room in their lot when I get there. Today, we were the last space they had available. This lot is sponsored by the Elk Club and it's located one block from the downtown square. I won't tell you how much I pay to park here.

As we were driving into town I saw these two little old men sitting outside playing checkers on the sidewalk. Is that not just a perfect picture of small town Mississippi?

I forgot to take any pictures around the Square. (I was kind of busy. You know, with the shopping and all.) But I did take a few as we walked to some of the outlying booth areas. The place was PACKED. And I don't ever remember it being so hot at the October market.

For the past couple years Reagan has gone with me to the Flea Market. He takes off work and we go as early as we can. And we have so much fun. He's usually one of the few men there, and probably the youngest by at least 20 years. Here is a picture of my shopping buddy eating a hamburger - at 10:00 a.m.

Another picture of the shoppers.

Now, the following few pictures are mostly for my Aunt Sue and Lynn Tew. They are basically the only people who care about this part. Well, for all I know, they are basically the only people who care about any of this post. Anyway, here's a few pictures of what I got for my Sugar.

A couple of smocked dresses from Lollipop Kids. One has cotton smocked on it. I thought it was really cute. The other has a barn and animals on it.

Here's another Fall colored smocked pants outfit.

And here are a couple of boutique-style outfits.

I got one more outfit that I didn't photograph. It's a pillowcase dress that I bought for our Disney trip. I'm sure I'll take a picture of her in that while we're gone.

But my favorite purchase of the day was this.

I have looked at the painted furniture at this one particular booth at the flea market for YEARS. I've stopped every year and looked at the tables and chairs. Waiting and hoping for the day I'd get to buy one for my girl. And finally, today I got to do that.

She liked it. She actually ate her dinner sitting there tonight. Isn't she cute?
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The Glenn Gang said...

Did you get those all of those clothes? LOVE THEM! The cotton dress would be perfect for cotton field pics.

Denise Darnell Davis said...

I LOVE the clothes and especially love the table and chairs!!

Mandi said...

oh what cute clothes and what a precious table! I love going to flea markets and yard sales and finding good deals on things! I am getting married at the end of the month and just found this cute consignment shop in my town where I got a super cute Old Navy skirt for 6 bucks to wear to my one and only shower Saturday! I also found a ton of Christmas decor at Dollar General - I spent WAY to much money there...and I LOVE smocked clothing for children! I'm pretty sure my little girl (one day hopefully) will wear smocked clothing and big bows! hehe

Roxanne said...

I LOVE smocked dresses! I hope to have a little girl one day to dress in clothes like that!

Peggy H. said...

Love all of the things you bought and believe it or not, I used to do the same things many "moons" ago before I ever got married---have always loved anything baby or children oriented. I would even buy something when I was single in hopes someone would have a child for me to give it to. The comment about the furniture brought tears to my eyes---dream realized--thank you, Jesus.

Lynn said...

Oh, Oh, Oh my goodness. Just special. You did good. My sugar, sugar is going to be all decked out. You couldn't have picked a better choice of outfits. Love the table and chairs. I will have to come over and have tea with her. HA I am so proud for you and Reagan. Did you just want to cry whenever you bought the table and chairs that you have been eyeballing for years? I just want to cry just thinking about how special this little girl is and what wonderful parents she has. I can't wait to see little Sugar in her new outfits. Love ya.