Oct 6, 2009

Another Gift From Friends

What WOULD we do without our friends? We have a couple of great friends who have helped keep us stocked with some great toddler toys. Mr. Dwight and Mrs. Kandi sent us a new toy recently for Sugar to play on outside. And play she does!

They sent us this little slide and Daddy cleaned it up for her to play on. She could hardly wait.

I don't know what she thought it was, but she didn't treat it like a slide. She climbed up to the top and sat there.

Finally, Reagan showed her the slide portion. Here's an action shot of her sliding down.

Then she climbed back up and sat again and looked around at her little kingdom.

Then she kicked her feet a little.

And looked around some more.

Now, every time we go out the back door, she wants to climb on it.

Thank you to our sweet friends who've been so kind to pass along so many fun things to our little girl.

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad she likes it!!! Breanna and Allyson got many years of good use out of it and now I am glad to see it is still being used. We love yall so much and we will keep passing along what we can and we will know it has a good new home and is being enjoyed by a sweet little girl.

Dwight, Kandi, Breanna & Allyson

Carrie said...

What a great slide! Y'all are so blessed to have such sweet friends.