Oct 24, 2009

Breakfast at Cinderella's Castle

Friday morning we had early breakfast reservations at Cinderella's Royal Table. This meant that we got to enter the park before it opened. It was so neat to see the streets without thousands of people walking around. We took advantage of that to take some pictures on Main Street.

Anybody want to guess how much this little girl and I love each other?

Here we all are with the castle in the background. I don't know if you can tell much about the Fall decorations, but they were beautiful. And the pumpkins on the lampposts were carved to look like Mickey.

Here we are in front of the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.

What a vision Disney had. When you really think about all the planning that had to go into EVERYTHING to make it run so smoothly. He was undoubtedly a true visionary.

Since we had a few minutes before our reservations, and because there was hardly anyone around, we let Sara Madalin have the opportunity to run around Disney with a freedom she would otherwise not experience due to the crowds.

She even got a chance to meet some of the park crew and staff. We were told that the cast and crew are instructed not to pick up the children. Someone needs to share that bit of information with Sara Madalin. She held her arms out to every character, cast member, and park employee that she saw.

Finally, we made it to our 9:00 a.m. breakfast reservation. She was given a Wishing Star and a magic wand.

About half way through our meal, several of the Disney princesses came out to visit with her. First we saw her hero, Snow White.

She was far more interested in the banana on my plate than she was Snow White.

Next came Princess Aurora, or Sleeping Beauty, as some of us know her.

Then Jasmine stopped by. Sara Madalin was very fascinated with Jasmine's jewelry. She almost took off one of her earrings at one point.

But Sara Madalin's most favorite princess of the morning was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. They played pat-a-cake.

And then Sara Madalin gave her lots of love. This was one of the characters that I think would have scooped her up if it were not for that "don't pick up the children" rule.

After breakfast, we rode a couple rides, then we went back to Main Street for the Celebration parade. It was Sara Madalin's favorite. Mainly because it was full of upbeat music and dancing.

This was Meaghan. Sara Madalin was fascinated by the cast members on stilts. We kind of were too.

At one point, they invite everyone to come out into the street and dance. Our little girl was all over that.

Mommy kind of liked the dancing too. (I have several videos of this past week. I will try to post them soon.)

And what were Minnie, Donald, and Mickey doing while we were out playing all morning? Well, see for yourself. This is how we found them when we came back to our room.

It was another great day at the Magic Kingdom.

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Mandi said...

It looks like Sugar had a GREAT time! and I especially love the themed halloween costumes you did for the party! Super cute! When I first saw the picture of you dressed up I thought it was a character at Disney! Maybe you could get a job there ;) I know Sugar would LOVE if her momma worked there! hehe!

Adriana said...

What a fun trip! We are hoping to go next year.