Oct 1, 2009

A Bug Flew in Reagan's Ear

It's always something around here. First, I'll start with how earlier this week Sara Madalin tried to feed herself. And she did a really good job.

She doesn't really know how to pick something up on her spoon yet. She just kind of moved it around until landed on the spoon. That's rice from a Lipton mix, by the way.

I'm so proud of her. She's growing up so fast. And as she's growing up, she's experiencing pretty much everything. INCLUDING every illness that a child under the age of 5 can contract. First it was Roseola a few weeks ago. Now, she has what the doctor called hand, foot, and mouth disease. It's a virus that causes high fever and a rash on hands, feet, and in the mouth. She started running fever Wednesday afternoon right before I picked her up from Mrs. Gail's. It spiked pretty high Wednesday night. We had given her Motrin before bed. She slept with us and woke up around 3:00 a.m. We took her temp and it was up to about 104. Scared Reagan and I so much. We gave her some Tylenol (chewable, not liquid) and put her in a cool bath. She cried the whole time. Broke my heart. But it worked. Her fever dropped to around 102. She slept on through the night. I took her to the doctor Thursday morning. they did a flu test. It was negative, thank God. Then they did a strep test. Negative again. The doctor said her throat was red. And she's been drooling some the past few days. I thought that was just from teething. But, evidently, that's a symptom of this virus. So, we'll see how this little illness plays out. I almost hate to say it, but even though she's sick, she's been pretty good for me. She played and napped and even ate well Thursday. As long as her fever is down, she's pretty ok. I can tell she's not herself. She moves a little slower and stays a little closer to me when she's playing. But she's even precious when she's sick. To me she is anyway.

And in case you're wondering, I didn't look it up on WebMD. But my husband, the next best thing to a doctor, told me that it's spread from one child to another by them chewing on something that an infected child chewed on. So, at least it's not from something as vague as someone talking or laughing near her. Only thing is, we can't find another child in her circle (church nursery, baby sitter, etc.) who's had it or shown signs of having it.

Oh, the post title? Guess maybe a few people are wondering about that. Well, Thursday, Reagan took my car with him to work so someone could pick it up and detail it for me. When they were bringing it back, the back passenger window went down - on it's own, mind you - and wouldn't go back up. Hhhmmmmmm....... So, he had to take it to the body shop to see if they could fix it. They needed to keep it over night. That meant SM and I had to pick him up from work. We went by the body shop so he could talk to the repairman. As he was standing there talking, a bug flew in his ear. He said he could feel it in there. And then he could hear it "squealing." His words. I know this is wrong, but I couldn't help but laugh. And when I started laughing, Sara Madalin laughed too. The bug never did come out. Isn't that just a freak thing? He said he hopes it doesn't turn into one of those things where it lays eggs or something crazy like that. I'll be sure and blog about it if it does. Ha.

Told you, it's always something around here.

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K Storm said...

Hand foot & mouth is so yucky...I am sorry she has that. My son got that a couple of times when none of his buddies had it...I think that is one of those viruses they could get most anywhere you go (shopping carts, high chairs, etc.).

Oh, and I remember the tepid bath too. Sissy was about Sara Madalins age when she had the flu and a high fever...that was the only thing we could do for her and she screamed the whole time...longest 15 minutes I can recall. I hope she gets better soon.

The Glenn Gang said...

Ok, first of all, sorry about SM being sick. But,I don't have time to comment much on that because I am rolling with laughter about the bug squealing in Reagan's ear. Seriously, I am LOL!!! And, I shouldn't laugh because that would totally freak me out! I mean, it would send me over the edge!!!

Courtney said...

Love the new header. We dealt a lot with foot and mouth when I worked at a daycare and it is very common with young ones especially since they explore so much. Hope she is feeling better soon.

Its So Very Cheri said...

Oh Poor things. Maybe there was a visitor in the church nursery. I know when my Mom had cancer they told her she shouldn't be in church, a mall or the grocery store. They are confined places that people continue to go to or take sick children even if they shouldn't. Maybe one of those options.


Katie (and Tony) said...

Maybe the bug will fossilize in his ear wax? gross to hear, but hey..you took us there ;-)

The Glenn Gang said...

So, I saw this in the link within posts and I'm laughing all over again about the bug in Reagan's ear!

The Glenn Gang said...

Just saw again on Link Within and laughing about the bug again. Seriously, I need a life. This brings me way too much humor.