Oct 24, 2009

Chef Mickey's & Fantasyland

Do you think someone was worn out from the party Tuesday night?

She slept the latest Wednesday morning that she did the entire week. It must have been all that dancing she did at Ariel's Grotto the night before.

But when she woke up, it was just like pretty much every other morning of the "vacation."

The girl is CONSTANTLY into something. I made a comment on facebook at some point this past week, Reagan and I were worn out every morning before we even left the hotel room. We had to work zone defense just to get ourselves dressed and ready. I was supposed to be defending the bathroom at this point and time. I guess I let my guard down too soon.

After we cleaned all the tissue up off the bathroom floor, we were off to Chef Mickey's for breakfast.

We saw Goofy.

And here's Sara Madalin's favorite character, Donald Duck.

And of course, Chef Mickey himself.

Don't let that smile fool you. She was acting up in between character visits.

So much so, that here we are having a heated discussion about her behavior. Well, I'm heated. She could probably care less that I threatened to leave if she didn't act better.

Finally, Minnie came around.

Then Pluto was our last visitor.

I always said I would never put a child on a leash. Well...

I'm learning to never say what I will never do when it comes to my child. If we'd not had this contraption this week, we would have lost her the first day. She would have run off and gone home with anyone who would have picked her up or given her ice cream.

We went to Fantasyland after breakfast. We rode the Dumbo ride. She didn't really care for it much. Probably because she was confined and couldn't run and dance.

We met back up with Nicki and Jonah for a ride, then we found a little spot where children could play in Pooh's house and in some hollowed out logs. We got her out of her stroller and let her go. Run, Sara, run.

After a little ice cream to cool us down, we made the monorail ride back to the hotel for an afternoon nap.
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Penny said...

Everybody says what they will never do--- BEFORE they have kids. lol
I think when I see a kid on a leash, that there is a parent that really does NOT want to lose their child. I don't think it's cruel at all. The scariest thing in the world is to look down and realize your baby is missing. Been there-- done that. At least I was in the mall and the saleslady found her in the dressing room. I let go of her hand for a second to hold up a shirt or something--- and she was gone. She was about 2 or 3. I was panic stricken and about to cry by the time we found her--- just minutes later. So, don't feel bad using a leash. Better safe than sorry and the people that cast dirty looks must not be a parent of a small, busy toddler.