Oct 23, 2009

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Early Tuesday morning we got up and headed out for Disney's Hollywood Studios. We were very excited about our first full day at Disney.

Our first stop was to see Playhouse Disney Live. Before the show began, Sara Madalin took some time to make a few friends.

When the show began she could hardly contain herself. She was just inches away from Mickey, Daisy, and Minnie.

At the end of the show, she thought she would help pick up some of the leaves that had blown to the floor during Tigger and Poo's story.

After we left the show we almost couldn't believe it! Handy Manny was outside. We watch him todos los dias, everyday. He's one of our favorite Disney characters.

Next, we saw Voyage of the Little Mermaid. Sara Madalin liked the music and the characters, but not the lighting and water effects so much.

Then, we headed out to Hollywood and Vine to dine with a few more Disney characters.

We weren't sure who all the characters were, but it didn't stop her from talking to and hugging them.

At one point, she just turned to her Daddy and smiled so big, as if to say, "Can you believe this?" I think she was really enjoying herself.

She loved this character and the lion from JoJo's Circus. We don't watch this show, but I hear it is in our future. She talked and danced with them the most.

Oh, and the dancing. We quickly discovered she LOVES to dance. And boy has she done just that EVERY chance she's gotten.

After lunch, we thought we'd watch the Playhouse Disney show once more since she liked it so much. Plus, it was cool in the auditorium.

She made it through about half the show, then decided she needed a little juice and a little rest.

We put her in her stroller after the show and she never woke up. She slept until we got back to the hotel. Then she played a little more before another nap. We had to rest up because Tuesday night was a BIG night. Jonah and his mom and dad came to go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party with us. I can't wait to share that night's photos with you. But that's another post. Our day at Disney's Hollywood Studios was a great start to our visit here.
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Mandi said...

so sweet! i love those jeans on her, my best friend's little girl, who is just 2 months old wore some for the first time today and I just can't wait to see her in them (it'll have to be a picture as they're in DC and I'm in Oklahoma).

And she reminds me of myself when I was little, never met a stranger! Or so my mom tells me!

The Glenn Gang said...

I don't believe you about liking Handy Manny. Her face does not prove that! ;-)

Paige said...

Such great photos! Glad to hear she is having a great time.