Oct 30, 2009

Do You Want Some More?

We have enjoyed our past few weeks in Kindermusik. We have learned several new signs that are helping Sara Madalin communicate with us.

Today was our last class. Here is Sara Madalin and a couple other classmates as Mrs. Robin shows us the teapot and cups. We learned a few signs for these things.

Sara Madalin enjoyed playing with the plates and cups. All the girls did.

We also played with the egg shakers. I talked to "Santa" and I think she might be getting a couple of these for Christmas.

And everyone's favorite time was bubbles.

During bubble time, Mrs. Robin would ask, "Do you want some more?" and she would sign "more." Guess who kept making the sign for more when Mrs. Robin would ask that? My girl!!! She a GENIUS.

And she's been signing it all evening when she's wanted more snack, or more puffs, or more whatever we're eating. I"m so proud of her. Now, I just have to keep working with her on that and a few other signs.

Oh, and we got to bring home our very own bubbles. FUN!

She enjoys these music classes. I love seeing her in here. We can't wait until the next session.

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K Storm said...

I did Kindermusik with Sissy and we just loved it. Looks like Sugar is thoroughly enjoying it!