Oct 15, 2009

Have I Mentioned the Bonus Room?

Before I tell you about the pictures I'm posting today, I want to first say thanks to all the sweet commenters and "followers" that have been reading our blog lately. The fact that you read about our girl everyday thrills my heart and encourages me so much.

Now, on to the bonus room.

We've been slacking a little in our home improvement projects lately. The main reason is that we are flat worn out by the time we get Sara Madalin to bed at night. The only time we can really work is when she's asleep. But then, when she goes to sleep, all we want to do is sit and be still and quiet for a while. Although we've kind of taken a little break in our work, we are still pushing forward, but just at a slightly slower pace.

After we finished the office, we began to work on the bonus room. It's also located on our second floor. It is the main room on that floor.

When you walk into the room and look to the left, this is what you see. The windows overlook the lake. (I think it is situated directly over the living room area downstairs. But don't quote me on that.)

Our idea for this space is to add a sofa and a couple recliners. Maybe an upholstered coffee table and a few end tables. We want it to be an area where Sugar and her cousins (and maybe one day, her friends) can come to watch TV or play games when they spend the night.

This photo is looking straight ahead when you enter the door. (You can see the office door to the right.)

That window looks out onto the front yard. I plan to put a daybed in that niche. Again, for sleepovers. I can already imagine this room full of giggly girls staying up way too late on a Friday night.

Now, if you were to walk over to the niche and look back toward the entry door, this is what you'd see.

On that wall to the right of the door is where we plan to put a TV and other audio/visual equipment.

We still have quite a bit of work to do up here. Reagan is repairing the walls. I'm not sure what the builders or painters were doing when this floor was sheet-rocked and painted, but sometimes I think they let someone loose up there with a putty knife or something and they decided to just run it across the walls. There are a ton of nicks and scratches. So, Reagan is fixing all of that. Then we will paint. After that, we'll start working on furnishing the bonus room. As is the case with other rooms we've worked on, we'll purchase things as we have the money and as we find pieces that fit.

I did get help from my decorator friend, Rhoda on this room, as I did the guest room and the office. She gave me suggestions on paint color, as well as a few options for furniture pieces. The walls are going to be slightly darker. We're painting them Sherwin Williams' Latte. It looks like milk chocolate on the walls. Yummy. And since it's next to the green room, we'll use some green accents in here, as well as some of the blues and oranges I'm using in the office.

I told Reagan that our target date to have the room painted is Thanksgiving. IF we make that target, I'll be sure and post an update. If we don't make it, I'll shoot for a new target date. Probably sometime BEFORE the first junior high sleepover.

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K Storm said...

I can't wait to see what you do with that room!! Looks like a great size for so much activity!

Roxanne said...

I love all the choices y'all have made so far...can't wait to see how this room turns out!