Oct 28, 2009

I Love My Girl

I don't know if I've mentioned it lately, but I love my girl.

I love that she can nod her head "yes".

I love that she loves to dance and has to move to commercials with a catchy tune.

I love that when I get on to her for doing something she shouldn't, she tells herself, "No-no."

I love that even after eating her own meal, she stands at my knee and hugs me for bites of whatever I'm eating.

I love that she loves shoes.

I love her blonde curls.

I love her blue eyes.

I love that she is so full of spunk and personality. (No idea where gets that.)

I love that she hugs my neck tight and gives me sweet kisses.

I love that when she hears the garage door going up in the evenings, she runs to meet her Daddy.

I love that when she's ready for night-night, she points or walks to her bedroom.

I love that she sleeps through the night, and has since she was 6 weeks old.

I love that when she's not feeling well or sleepy, she wants me, cause I'm her "ma-ma".

I love that she loves animals.

I love that she pulls on her diaper to let me know that she's wet or dirty.

I love that when I ask her if she's ready for her bath, she walks to our bathroom and starts trying to undress herself.

I love that she loves shoes. (Did I say that already?)

I love that when she hears one of us getting ice from the fridge, she gets one of her plastic cups and brings it to us for her own ice.

I love that when she see me take her little pearl bracelet off the top shelf, she holds out her arm because she's so used to me putting it on her.

I love that she laughs and giggles.

I love that she has a sweet smile that she willingly shares with anyone who looks her way.

I love to see her run and play.

I love that she knows where her ear and nose are.

I love that when I say, "Where's my baby?", she pats her chest.

I love that she has certain hand movements that I alone know mean, "I want you to sing, mama."

I love that she sees everything as a potential telephone, holding it to her ear and talking her own little language into it.

I love that she's so friendly to EVERYONE, regardless of age, race, or gender.

I love that she's curious.

I love that she loves me.

I love that God gave her to me, just when I needed her most.

I love my girl. I can't imagine loving another child any more.

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The Glenn Gang said...

I'm glad you did this post because I was seriously starting to have my doubts about your love for her. I feel better now that I have written proof. ;-)

Carrie said...

This is so sweet! I love your blog. My little girl is a few months younger than yours, and she does some of these same things, but it's fun to see what I might have to look forward to just around the corner :o)

Penny said...

Nikki is too funny! This is precious and will mean so much to Sara Madalin when she learns to read. Probably won't be much longer before she can. Tell her your blogging friends love her too, just from hearing you describe her. =)

Peggy Hunter said...

And I love the fact that we get to share her with you "in person"--of course, we have to line up to get a hug and kiss (she's so popular). Thank you, Reagan and Malinda, for being so generous with your friends and letting us enjoy Sugar. Love you!!

K Storm said...

Hmmmm...I'd say you're smitten with that little princess!