Oct 17, 2009

I Saw the Sign

Friday we had our second Kindermusik class. And guess who we saw. Kinsley. She was in Sara Madalin's class this past Summer. She's in the picture below with Sara Madalin. We were so excited to see her and her mom, Mrs. Ginger.

We learned several new signs this past Friday. One was the sign for "mouse." That should come in handy in the next week or so. Not because we have mice. (That I'm aware of.) But because we're going to see abig mouse in Florida named Mickey. Here's Sara Madalin playing with a little toy mouse in class.

And, somehow, she ended up with two.

Oh, but the most fun thing in Friday's class was playing IN WATER with the QUACK-QUACKS. Do you know how long she's waited to do that?

She had so much fun.

We also played with flashlights. But when we turned the lights off and only had the flashlights on, it was too dark for me to take very good pictures. But she was so funny. She had her flashlight and she would wave it and bounce to the beat of the music. Girl's got moves.

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