Oct 4, 2009

Lunch with Mamaw and Papaw

Sunday afternoon we met Reagan's family at Porches in Wesson for lunch. We love to eat there. They have the best home cooked food. Sara Madalin has grown so much since the first time she ate here. Mandy kept saying she looks like such a big girl now. And she does.

She loves to play with the spoons. She kept holding her hand out to me and everyone around us until she had collected as many as she could hold.

She kept walking down to the other end of the table to her Papaw. Mitch said it hasn't taken her long to learn who to go to when she wants to get her way.

Right before we left, I went and changed her diaper and her clothes. When we were walking back in the dining room, everyone else was walking out. She held her hands out for Mamaw. It was so sweet.

And of course, we had to make a quick stop at the rocking chairs on the way to the car. She loves to rock.

Lunch was so good. But afterwards, she and I really needed a nap. When we got to Mamaw and Papaw's we went and laid down. Reagan came in and woke us up 2 hours later. It was one good afternoon nap.
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