Oct 4, 2009

My Best Friend - By Sugar

My best friend, Miss Jackie, came to my house Saturday night. I love Miss Jackie. When she came in the front door I ran to her so she could pick me up. Then I sat in her lap for a long time. Mommy said it was at least 5 minutes. She came to watch the football game with my Mommy and Daddy. And she brought a boy. His name is Mr. Nickey. I think he just came for the pizza.

Here we are smiling for my Mommy.

See? Told ya. It's all about the pizza for him.

Here's me and Miss Jackie. Sorry Mommy cut part of your head off. She's not that great with a camera.

I played for a little while with her. Then I had to say goodnight. I'm glad she came to see me. And it's ok that she brought a boy.
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