Oct 14, 2009

My Fair Lady

We took Sara Madalin for her first visit to the Mississippi State Fair last Thursday afternoon. We only had about an hour, and that's probably a good thing. An hour was more than enough time for her to wear herself out.

We got there a little after 1:00 p.m. Neither Reagan nor I had eaten lunch, so the first thing we did was grab some Fair food. Reagan always likes to get an ear of roasted and buttered corn. Looks like Sugar will be following in her Daddy's footsteps when it comes to food tastes.

What Reagan and I were both looking forward to the most was taking her to the petting zoo. She LOVED it. She walked right over to those goats and put her hand on their mouth with absolutely no fear.

She noticed someone standing next to her with a bag of goodies. Of course, she held her hand out for whatever was in the bag. Thankfully, other children are usually very kind to her when she tries to take what they have.

The little girl handed her a carrot from her bag. Sara Madalin thought it was a snack for her and tried to put it in her mouth. Reagan stopped her before she took a big bite of it. He showed her how to give it to the goat. Then he walked over and bought her a bag to feed the rest of the animals.

She tried to feed this little goat. He was so tiny he could barely chew the carrot.

After feeding the animals, we washed our hands really good. Then we walked to the next booth, which was where she rode a REAL pony for the first time.

Before she got off the pony, she pet him. It was so sweet.

After all that activity, we thought she might like something to drink. And of course, you can't find fruit juice or milk at any of the booths at the Fair. So, she got to experience another first. Her first strawberry flavored drink. It was basically sugar, red coloring, and ice.

But, man, did it hit the spot.

Next, we rode the carousel. She loved it. I thought I was going to be sick.

When it stopped, and we had to get off the ride, she was not happy.

Here are just a couple of the videos we took. She was so funny I had to share them. The first is of her feeding the animals.

See how she teases the goat by offering the carrot, then pulling it away? She's perfected that move on Taco. And me. When she has something she's not supposed to have, and I try to take it from her, she offers it to me, then turns and runs just as I reach for it.

This video is of her on the pony. She was so calm. And she has absolutely no fear.

She was so much fun. We can't wait to see how she changes each year as she visits the state fair.

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Heather said...

Looks like she had a great time! That video of her teasing the goat is too funny! Love those rosy cheeks of hers!

Courtney said...

Great pictures and video. Looks like she had a blast!

Paige said...

What fun! She is getting so big!

Mandi said...

That is so sweet! I'm so glad she enjoyed the animals! Looks like a great time was had by all! And again, cute outfit! She is on stylish chick!

Kristin said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier! Your daughter is absolutely precious! It makes my heart so happy to hear another story about the blessing of adoption :) It's so nice to meet you!!