Oct 11, 2009

The Return of Breathing Treats

We had to pull out the old faithful penguin nebulizer this weekend.

Sara Madalin has had a runny nose the past couple days. When she woke up Saturday, she had some congestion. So, Reagan pulled out the nebulizer to see if that would help any. We think it might be helping. The only problem is that since she last used this, she has grown quite a bit. And I don't just mean grown in size. She's grown in independence. She does not like to have the mask on her face and she's strong enough to move it. So, we've had to give her treatments a little at a time. When Reagan first pulled it out, she wouldn't even get close to it. When Reagan would turn it on, she would scream and run. Then we tried easing her into it. And finally, I said, "Give it a kiss." She loves to give kisses these days. So she gave the mask a kiss and even let me hold it close to her nose for a few minutes. Since Saturday morning, we've probably given a total of 4 treatments. She's not running fever, just a runny nose and her breathing sounds congested. But just to be sure it's nothing more serious, I'm going to run her to the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully, all will be well.

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Paige said...

Hope she gets to feeling better soon! Love that she "kisses" the nebulizer. So sweet!

Penny said...

Ditto Paige's comment. =)