Oct 30, 2009

Run, Sara, Run!

This video pretty much sums up the majority of our trip to Disney. Only multiply it by about about 100. If she wasn't sleeping, eating, dancing, or riding something, she was RUNNING!

This was shot one morning when we were able to enter the Magic Kingdom before it opened to the public. We were able to do so because we had breakfast reservations at Cinderella's Castle. We let Sara Madalin do a little exploring before we went to breakfast. She loved the freedom of running.

And that is why, when you take a toddler on "vacation", it's not really a "vacation."

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K Storm said...

Chasing babies is a legitimate form of exercise in my book!

Penny said...

Wish I had her energy and coordination. I would have tripped about 2 min. before she did. LOL