Oct 22, 2009

Traveling to Disney

So, we're still here at the most Magical Place on Earth. I had wanted to blog each day that we were here, but we've been up so late playing that I didn't want to spend what down time I've had blogging. But, we got in early tonight and we finally wrestled Sara Madalin to bed (literally), so I thought I'd catch up on at least the first day's pictures.

Monday afternoon we picked up Sara Madalin at Mrs. Gail's and headed to the airport. It was the first time Sara Madalin had flown. She acted like she'd done it a million times before. She walked right through security like she owned that place. (As a matter of fact, she's walked - no run - all over Disney like she owns this place.)

She wanted to check everything out as we went through. She's like her Daddy in that respect.

We boarded the plan and took our seats. She and I had the window seat and Reagan sat in the middle, next to a very quiet, kind man. (Lord, bless him.) As we were taking off, I was pointing out the window for her to see us leave the ground. When we started climbing, she turned toward me and hugged up really close like she was afraid. I put the window cover down after that.

Then the crying began. And I thought, "Oh, no. We're going to have THAT kid." But it actually only lasted about 5 minutes. She was just really tired and couldn't quite find a comfortable position to sleep. Once she was settled, she drank some juice and slept the rest of the flight.

We arrived in Orlando, got our rental car, and headed to our hotel at the Disney resort. We decided to stay at the Polynesian Resort Hotel because Reagan and I both love the Hawaiian islands. We have heard "Aloha" about 500 times this week. But we've enjoyed it.

While Reagan checked us in, I decided I'd let Sara Madalin walk (run) around some since she'd been sitting for so long. And the atmosphere here is so kid-friendly that no one seemed to mind that she was running around the HUGE hotel lobby.

If you look closely, you can see why she was drawn to this hotel employee. (Hint: ball.) They actually played together for a few minutes, then she was off to something else. Let's see, she climbed atop every bench, ran around the entire waterfall area, and tried to run out the door. Told you - thinks she owns the place.

Yes, she's barefoot in that last picture. Come on, we're country folk gone to town.

No, the real reason is that it was so hot once we got here. I couldn't change her clothes yet, so I took her shoes and socks off to cool her down some.

Once we were in our room, she went WILD!!!!. We've decided that we could have saved a lot of money by just booking a room at a local hotel and letting her run around the room. She's had the best time just playing in our hotel room. I feel for the people on either side, across the hall, and below us. They've probably not only heard her running and jumping, but also heard me and Reagan yelling, "No! Stop that! Don't climb on that! Get down from there before you fall and bust your head wide-open!" I'll tell ya'll, we are worn out every morning before we even leave the room. We actually have to work zone defense just to get ready in the morning. I defend the bathroom and Reagan the main sleeping quarters.

More on that in a later post.

In this next picture, you have to look closely, but you can see where she likes to hide when she grabs something off the counter, or bed, or out of the garbage, that she knows she's not supposed to have.

I guess she thinks I can't see her back there.

Here she is relaxing before we changed to go out Monday evening. Again, OWNS THE PLACE!

Another spot she's loved - the bed. She has played on that thing till WE are worn SLAP out. What is it with kids and a hotel bed?

We changed in to something cooler, put on our shades, and we were off.

We rode the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom and picked up our park passes. It was a little late to actually do much in the park that night. But we did take a few pictures and walk around some.

After dinner at our hotel, we were all beat. We rested up for our first day of fun at the Disney Parks.
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Paige said...

Precious! So glad to hear you are having a great time.

Mandi said...

oh goodness, how sweet! i loved her blog the other day! i'm so glad she's having a great time. and i will probably hear Aloha 500 times soon too, since my fiance and I are moving to Hawaii for the Army!

Lynn said...

I am so glad to get a report. I have had sugar on my mind. I hope you all have a blast. Hope to hear from you soon.
Love ya