Oct 12, 2009

Welcome to the Carnival

We got invited to another birthday party this past weekend. And boy was it fun. And by "fun" I mean we left after 35 minutes when my daughter had a screaming and kicking MELTDOWN because I wouldn't let her climb in the kiddie pool with the "quack-quacks."

Sure, it all started out really great. But I'm not kidding when I tell you it ended on a VERY bad note.

It was a party for our neighbor's little girl, Lanie. She is 2-years-old. Her theme was Lanie's Carnival. There were two inflatable jumping houses. And even though Lanie and Sara Madalin were the youngest children there by at least 3 years, it didn't stop my little dare devil from nearly jumping out of her Daddy's arms to get into the jumper.

Those older kids haven't got anything on her. I had one mother standing next to me who, after seeing Sara Madalin fall, then get back up unfazed, said, "Wow, she's tough, huh?"

Yeah. Just a little.

Another little girl, who's 11-years-old, came over to me almost as soon as we walked over to the jumper. Her name was Jaylee. She was so sweet. She offered to take Sara Madalin into the jumper and watch her while she was in there with the other kids. She must be somebody's big sister, because she watched out for my little girl almost as well as I would have. She was never more than a few inches away from Sara Madalin. And any time one of the older kids got anywhere near Sara Madalin, she would tell them to be careful around the "baby." Here's Sara Madalin with Jaylee after their time in the jumper.

And here's Sara Madalin with the birthday girl. She's so cute.

Then, it was time for the carnival games. We first had a toy walk. Sara Madalin thought she was old enough to play on her own.

She wasn't.

I carried her during the walk. It was kind of like a cake walk. We would walk while the music played. Then we would stop when the music stopped. Someone would draw a number from a bucket and the person stopped on that number would win a prize.

We were the last ones to win a prize.

But it was SO worth it. She won a "quack-quack."

And it was all down hill after that.

The next game that we were to play was the one where you pull a floating duck from the pool. And you win a prize based on the number on the ducks tummy. Well, "someone" saw the pool and the ducks and for SOME reason thought they were there just for her. And no one else. JUST HER. And while Lanie's mom said it was ok for her to play with them, I thought it would be nice to let some of the other children take a turn with the ducks. So, I picked her up to move her from the pool.

Yeah, not such a good idea on my part, I guess.

She had a MELTDOWN. Screaming. Flailing her arms. Kicking me. One of those moments that make you proud to have the loudest child within 5 miles - only not really.

So, we decided that if she couldn't behave, she couldn't stay.

And we were feeling like we'd made a good, disciplinary decision. Until we got to the end of the drive way and then heard Jaylee calling Sara Madalin's name. We turned and saw her running toward us with the biggest pink monkey I'd ever seen.

She said, "I want her to have this."

I said, "Did you win this?"

"Yes, ma'am. I drew a duck with a diamond on it so I got the big prize."

"You don't have to give it to her. That's sweet of you though."

"I want her to have it because she's upset."

I told Reagan I'm going to find out who her mama is and tell her how impressed I am.

Then I'm going to ask her for help with my little screamer.

And just in case you think I'm exaggerating about the monkey (cause I do tend to be a little over-dramatic at times), here's a picture of my "angel", my "answered prayer", my "GIFT WORTH THE WAIT" with her grand prize.
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The Glenn Gang said...

Wow! I hope that doesn't rub off on my child when you are here because he has NEVER acted like that. I mean, he is three years old and has never had a melt down of any sorts. AND, he certainly never cries when he doesn't get his way. And, we have NEVER had to leave an even early because of his behavior. Gah! What kind of parents are you???

I'm gonna go tear my child away from the floors. He is scrubbing them today just for fun. Oh, that is while his working on his Latin.

Just another day in our life. SO glad I never dealt with the stuff you blogged about. Whew!

hee hee

Paige said...

So cute!! Sorry she had a dramatic day and missed the party.

Rebecca Powers said...

lol That was a funny story. Get used to the tantrums! It's the first of many to come... :) I bet you can't wait!

Avery's Mommy said...

Wow I SOOO feel your pain. Avery is turning into quite the demanding little drama queen!

Mandi said...

that is one big monkey, but that Jaylee sure is a sweet one! I would want to tell her parents what a joy she was too! I know parents LOVE to hear when their child is a joy, rather than when they act out - I worked in child care and would always comment on a child's good behavios, especially if they were known for causing trouble, just to let their parents know that we recognize their good baheavior also!

Penny said...

Yes, please let Jaylee's mom know what a good kid she is. Parents do get a lot of negative feedback and I really try to say more positive than negative things in all my parent-teacher conferences. =)
As far as the tantrums go, this too shall pass.