Nov 19, 2009

Chocolate is a Girl's Best Friend

Last Saturday afternoon we went to visit Reagan's sister. While we were there, Mandy, our niece, baked some cupcakes. We gave Sara Madalin a couple little bites of one. Evidently, that wasn't enough for her. Mandy was in the kitchen when she heard something behind her. Sara Madalin was there, on her tiptoes, reaching up to the plate on the counter holding the cupcakes. From the looks of things below, she was in need of a little chocolate.

Not only did she get some of the chocolate frosting on her fingers, a cupcake also fell in her face and some of the frosting got in her eye. All I can say is that when she sees something she wants, she doesn't stop until she gets it.

That can be good for her, but bad for us.

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Avery's Mommy said...

Avery is reaching the counters now too. She is constantly grabbing something!