Nov 18, 2009

Date Night - Camelot

Tuesday night Reagan and I had tickets for the stage production of Camelot at Thalia Mara Hall. We were excited about having dinner together and then going to see the show. Miss Jessica came to sit with Sara Madalin.

There is one negative thing to date night - having to leave Sara Madalin at home. She is starting to catch on to that too. She knows that when Miss Jessica or Miss Ashley show up, Mommy and Daddy are about to leave. She was very clingy before we left. It was the first time she's been like that. I wanted a picture of me and Reagan before we left. Sara Madalin was not happy until she was being held by one of us and could be part of the picture too.

(Please ignore that brass tree that appears to be growing out of the top of my head. It's a stocking holder, without the stocking hanging on it presently. Why, you ask, is the stocking not hanging on it? Seriously? You even HAVE to ask? The stockings hang down just far enough that, when standing on her tip-toes, Santa's Little Helper can reach them. So, for now, they are laying on the bar, out of reach. But the holders are still there.)

Finally, we distracted Sara Madalin long enough for Reagan and I to have one quick picture together before we left.

She cried when we left. I thought Reagan was going to cancel the whole night when she started doing that. But he didn't. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. Then on to the show. We enjoyed it and look forward to doing it again.

Oh, and Sara Madalin was in the bed asleep when we got home, as if nothing ever happened. It's good to know that us having dinner alone every once in a while does not scar her for life.
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The Glenn Gang said...

You should wear that brass tree on your head when you come to our church. It will be the Christmas season and I think I heard someone say everyone wears something on their head. Don't want you to be left out!

Malinda said...

Yeah, I'm not falling for that "everybody's doing it" again with you missy!

blessedmomto7 said...

Gorgeous COUPLE! GOTTA keep that mommy/daddy time a priority! It's such a good example to the kids to know that mommy & daddy love each other so much that they need to spend time connecting! BUT, I know how you feel-we always have at least one crier when we leave!

Avery's Mommy said...

Leaving is so hard to do. Half the time I think about 'scheduling' a date night I soo dread Avery crying that I just forget about it!

Melanie said...

I had to start using the removable plastic hooks for our stockings a couple years ago - the ones with the tabs you pull that releases the hold. They don't leave any marks on my wood mantle, and no chance of heavy stocking holders coming down on little heads! The stockings hanging by the fireplace are probably my favorite Christmas decoration (other than the tree).