Nov 16, 2009

Helping Around the House - By Sugar

Whew! The older I get, the more work I have to do around here. Saturday morning I let Mommy and Daddy sleep a little late, but when I finally got them up, I let them know I had lots of things I needed to get done. I told Mommy to grab the broom, and Daddy to grab the camera, and follow me outside.

I checked out the flowers for Mommy. They look ok. I think I'll go back and pull those up for her when I have a little more time in a few weeks.

I put Mommy to work sweeping the porch and doing a little decorating and I told Daddy to follow me. We went for a walk down the driveway.

We checked the mail and I brought it back up to the house.

Mommy decorated the front porch while Daddy and I were playing. I made sure she had the trees in just the right place. She really likes my help.

I did so much this weekend. I was one tired girl by the time the morning was over.

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Avery's Mommy said...

She is so adorable...such a little busy body!