Nov 25, 2009

My Weekend at Aunt Susan's - By Sugar

I spent this past weekend with my Aunt Sue-Sue and Uncle David. I had so much fun. Friday afternoon Uncle David and I went to the park. Then we went to McDonald's for lunch. And finally, he rode me around the neighborhood on his lawnmower. My Uncle David is so much fun.

Saturday I went with Aunt Sue-Sue and my cousin Mandy to a baton competition. My cousin Mandy is a great baton twirler. She was a feature twirler at Ole Miss while she went to school there. But that was before I was born so I never got to see her. But, I did get to see other girls twirl Saturday. I even got to play with one of Mandy's old batons.

Here are Mandy and I at the competition. She showed me how all the other girls were going to do their batons. I hope she teaches me how to twirl one day.

She also taught me how to swirl the streamer too.

Guess what! I won a medal. I am so smart I won something on my first day to hold a baton. Watch out Ole Miss, here I come! Get my scholarship ready.

Then, later when Uncle David came home we played some. Did I mention that my Uncle David is fun?

Uncle David and Aunt Sue-Sue have a horse at their house. He's pretty. I like to ride him.

Monday Mandy came to see me again. She took me shopping. Then we took a long nap. She and I both like naps. Then, Monday night we all went to dinner and to BassPro Shop. I got to see Santa. He gave me candy. I like anyone who gives me candy. Here are Mandy and I at BassPro.

Oh, and look what I found. I asked Santa for one for Christmas. Daddy said, "No."

I had fun with Uncle David, Aunt Sue-Sue and Mandy. But I was very glad my Mommy and Daddy came home. I was so happy to see them when we picked them up from the airport. My Mommy and Daddy were very happy to see me too.
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Penny said...

How nice to have such sweet family to trust your baby with! Looks like she had a lot of fun! I've got a grandbaby that will stay with anyone--- as long as they feed him. Really good for his single mom and me--- because when I keep him for up to a week, he's an angel.
BTW I LOVE your new header. That's the cutest Christmas one I've seen. =)