Nov 9, 2009

New Reading Material - By Sugar

So, Saturday my Mommy discovered a package on our front porch. I helped her bring it in. She told me, "Take it to Daddy."

So, I sat down on the floor and tried to open it instead.

With a little help I finally got it open. It wasn't a toy or anything. It was a book. I like books. Just not necessarily this kind of book. There aren't ANY pictures in it all.

I finally got a look at the title.

Now why in the world would my Mommy order a book like that? She and Daddy must have ordered this for someone else. Or maybe they are thinking that one day they might have a child that is stubborn and head-strong and has a bad temper and throws a fit when she - I mean, they, don't get what they want. Yeah, that must be why Mommy ordered this book. To prepare for some other child one day. Because I KNOW I'm not strong-willed.
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Paige said...

Absolutely precious! She is getting so big, and looks so cute in green.

The Stairs Family said...

My doctor recommended this book to me after repeatedly asking her "Are you SURE kids are supposed to be this stubborn?!" I have 2 boys (19 months and 3) and that book is amazing. Good discipline ideas and makes you understand their personality a lot better.

The Glenn Gang said...

HAHAHAHAHA! This made me laugh out loud!!

123 magic for Christian Parents is great too!

K Storm said...

That is so cute!

Funny, my son tried to destroy that a similar way to the child in the first chapter (if I remember correctly). Somehow kids know what that book is for!