Nov 4, 2009

Shower of Blessings

Tuesday night we went to our church for the wedding shower of Jackie and Nickey. You may remember them from this post by Sara Madalin.

It was mostly women, but a few guys showed up too at the "encouragement" of their significant others. That's code for: I told Reagan to come to watch SM, Jackie told Nickey to come, and Regina brought David along because she just can't get away from him. Just kidding. (Well, kind of.)

Before Jackie and Nickey started opening gifts, we were all asked to introduce ourselves and give one piece of "marriage" advice. There was all kinds of advice given. "Communication is key." "Don't go to bed angry." "Food always taste better when you eat it off HIS plate." (That last one was from me.) And since David and Reagan were there, they gave a little advice too. David's was probably the best advice given all night. (But don't tell him that.) He said to Nickey, when you ask her where she wants to go to eat, and she says, "It doesn't matter. Where ever you want to go.", don't listen to her. Take her where you know she likes to eat. That David, he's smarter than he looks.

Sara Madalin really liked playing with Mrs. Robin and Mrs. Lisa. They gave her all the Fruit Loops she wanted and Mrs. Robin even let her play with her keys.

Here's me and Donna. She's Katelyn's mother.

I've mentioned Katelyn a number of times. She's the little girl who had a tumor that was removed recently. Donna told me that Katelyn is doing well. Her therapy is progressing. She's talking some. And she even got to ride her tricycle outside some yesterday. She's still taking chemo treatments, but she is doing much better than expected. It was good to see Donna and talk to her some during the shower.
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Its So Very Cheri said...

My husband says "Fine doesn't mean FINE".

So sorry your lil one had to have stitches.