Nov 23, 2009

This Day

This day is fragile - soon it will end
And once it has vanished, it will not come again

So let us love, with a love pure and strong
Before this day is gone.

This day is fleeting, When it slips away
Not all our money can buy back this day

So let us pray, that we might be a friend
Before this day is spent.

This day we're given is golden, Let us show love
This day is ours for one moment, Let us sow love.

This day is frail - it will pass by
So before it's too late to recapture this time

Let us share love,
Let us share God
Before this day is gone.

Lyrics to "This Day" by Point of Grace
Sang at our wedding - November 23, 1996


K Storm said...

Sweet! Lovely wedding pics! Lovely couple!

Courtney said...

You guys make a beautiful couple! Looks like a special day.

Paige said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Penny said...

You were a beautiful bride! Sweet pics. Happy Anniversary! =)