Nov 27, 2009

'Tis the Season

Thanksgiving Day we went to Reagan's sister's house. The family always gathers there for lunch. It's so funny to see how much Sara Madalin has changed since last year. She's just such a big girl now. She fed herself instead of eating the baby food we fed her last year. She sat in her booster chair rather than a Bumbo or high chair. And she was running all over the place, rather than being passed from lap to lap. And boy have I changed since last year too. Last year I couldn't take enough pictures. This year, all day, this is the only picture that was taken of her. And Reagan took it, not me.

That's her with her Papaw. She's holding Mandy's baton and the trophy and medal she was given last weekend at the competition Mandy judged.

She was so funny. She kept calling, "Papaw!" and would run to sit in his lap. Then she'd sit there for a couple minutes, then climb down. She'd run around some more, then start all over again, "Papaw!" and run to him. It was so sweet.

She's saying so many things now. Not only is she saying "Papaw" but she also kept calling Mandy, or "Manny" as she calls her. She wanted to sit with "Manny." She wanted to eat with "Manny." She wanted "Manny" to hold her. And she gave love and kisses to everyone. It was so sweet.

Then we came home.

Oh yes, it definitely is the season to be "jolly."

Or cranky.

Sugar's choice.

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Paige said...

She is just precious! It has been so fun to see her grow up. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!