Nov 2, 2009

We're Surprised it Hasn't Happened Sooner

So, we got up Saturday morning and it was a sunny, cool, beautiful Fall morning. I cooked some biscuits and Reagan started trying to light the pilot light in the fireplace so we could have a fire while we enjoyed a nice family breakfast.

And then...

... we heard Sara Madalin's toy chair crash and she started crying. She climbs and falls quite a bit, so we didn't race over to her. Reagan walked over to her and picked her up. And her forehead started pouring blood.

I ran in the other direction. You know, being the level-headed, "together" mother that I am.

He calmly said, "Bring me a paper towel."

He wiped it clean to reveal a huge gash above her right eye. He told me we needed to get her to an emergency room. She was crying, but not like screaming or anything. But the cut was pretty deep.

He took her and an ice pack and went to the car. I ran through the house and collected what I thought we might need in this emergency - diapers, a cup, socks for her, snacks, and THE CAMERA. When I got in the truck (I was the driver because I couldn't sit in the back with the blood), she was already over the crying.

She wanted to play with the ice pack.

On the way to the ER Reagan called his sister. She's made more than her fair share of trips to the ER with Mitch to get stitches. She asked Reagan if he wanted her to meet us there. He said, "No,that's ok." I said, "Yes." So, she did. Sara Madalin was happy to see her Aunt Susan and held her hands out for her when she saw her.

I think I've mentioned how she tries to make everything into a phone. The triage nurse showed us to a patient bed and gave us the TV remote. She took it and started holding it to her ear to talk.

They deadened her eye area and put a patch over the cut.

We saw the ER doctor and he said that since she was a little girl and the cut was on her face, he would rather call a plastic surgeon in to stitch her up. That way, they could be sure it was done in a way that would hopefully heal cleanest. So we waited for him. He got there relatively quickly. They had already given her oral meds and a few shots to calm her down and deaden the area where they would stitch. I don't think the "calming" meds worked. In order to stitch her up, we had to put her in a papoos (sp??) and strap her down. She got her hands loose. So, they strapped her down again and it took 4 of us to hold her down in addition to that. He looked at me and said, "Mom, she's pretty strong huh?"

Yes. Yes she is.

At the end of the ordeal, she wanted her Daddy. (As a matter of fact, she's been a Daddy's girl all weekend.)

She ended up getting 2 stitches inside her cut, and 5 outside. She was worn out from all the activity. And this is what she did on he ride home.

Just cause I know you want to know, here's the scene of the crime. I told Reagan I wished I'd had some crime scene tape to put around this area. What she had been doing was climbing in that chair. She likes to play in that area behind the couch. She also likes to look out the window. Anyway, she was climbing. The chair tipped over. She fell and hit the window seal.

We are so thankful that she didn't fall into the glass or fall in a way that her eye was damaged. And trust me when I tell you, it has not slowed it down ONE BIT. Once we got home, Mamaw and Papaw came to see us for lunch. She was showing them how she can slide. She climbed up on her slide, and went down head first. I had to grab her leg to keep her from landing on her face. Now, every time she stumbles or runs or even moves near a sharp object, Reagan and I both jump. I have a feeling we'll see that ER staff again.

I've been calling her Scarface this weekend. Here Scarface is with Mamaw.

And here she is with Papaw.

But I have to say, even with the stitches, she's beautiful.
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The Glenn Gang said...

Scarface makes me laugh everytime. HAHAHA!

You should check into the AFLAC accident policy like we have. $10 or so a month but pays $100 for stitches and then all sorts of other $ for broken bones.

Having been around SM recently, I feel sure you would be one up on the INS company with her! :-)

Lauren said...

I couldn't help but laugh when I read the part about the camera!! Haha, NEVER leave home without it. I am trying to remember that. And we really did cover part of our floor with foam! We got the big foam ABC puzzle pieces and made AC a little corner in the living room to play!

Paige said...

Bless her sweet heart! Of course for you, this will be only one of many cuts that sweet girl will have in her life.

You crack me up with the camera! Have a great week.

Courtney said...

That must have been scary but she seem to be handling it well. I had to laugh when you grabbed the camera, because I would have done the exact same thing!

Avery's Mommy said...

I really think we should invent a big plastic bubble they could wear until they're like...13? Avery is OUT OF CONTROL right now. I walked into the office the other day and she was STANDING in the computer chair backwards, smiling at me. What's a mom to do!?! Now, I finally understand the people in stores with their kids on leashes ;)