Nov 11, 2009

Where's Sara Madalin?

Monday night Reagan and I went to dinner with Mr. Johnny (Scooter), Mrs. Ann (B. B.), Amy, David, and Regina. We were really looking forward to a night of adult conversation and actually being able to SIT while we eat, rather than chasing someone around the room in between bites.

So, Miss Ashley showed up to watch Sara Madalin and I headed to B. B.'s. No sooner had I walked in at their house than I was asked, "Where's Sara Madalin?" I had to explain that we decided to leave her at home for the night.

Not long after I arrived, Amy showed up. Guess what her first question was. "Where's Sara Madalin? I was hoping to see her tonight." Well, I'm happy to see you TOO.

We waited for Reagan and Scooter to get home, then we drove down to Brookhaven and met David and Regina for dinner. As we were getting out of the car, Regina said, "You didn't bring Sara Madalin?" I'm telling you, we were feeling the love. I guess next time we'll bring the most IMPORTANT member of our entourage when we're invited out for dinner.

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Ashlee McCrary said...

Oh yes Mommy & Daddy def take back seat when you have a precious little one!