Dec 14, 2009

Are Y'all There AGAIN????

So, yes, we went to Florida again to see Dan and Nicki and Jonah. We had planned the first trip to Disney (the one we took this past October) before we knew they were moving there. This trip was planned just to go see them after we found out they were moving. However, who goes to the Orlando, FL-area and doesn't go to Disney?

Last Friday afternoon we packed up and headed to the airport. Sara Madalin did really good at the airport. Our flight was delayed about 30 minutes and we took that time to play a little.

Flat Stanley went with us too. He was glad to be heading home. (Notice, his arm is still bandaged. But he's feeling much better, thank you.)

When the Glenns picked us up from the airport, we drove over to Disney. We had planned to take a boat tour later that evening and watch the fireworks display while on the water. Here's my sweet family as we entered the Magic Kingdom.

Let me just tell y'all, the Magic Kingdom was PACKED that Friday night. It was almost more than we could deal with. The only thing we rode was the Tomorrow Land Transit Authority. Here's Dan and Nicki and Jonah.

And here we are.

Here's Sara Madalin eating a little popcorn, fed to her by Mrs. Nicki. She looks like such a big girl here.

As we were walking down Main Street to leave the park, the Celebration parade started. If you remember from our first trip a couple months ago, this is one of her favorite parts of Disney. Reagan stood her up on the trash can so she could see, and she started bouncing that leg to the beat of the music.

In addition to it being crowded, it was pretty cold too. We ended up canceling our boat trip. We left the Magic Kingdom and rode the monorail over to the Grand Floridian resort to see the gingerbread house. Sara Madalin and Jonah were so cute holding hands while we walked around the hotel.

Most people might leave these next couple pictures out of their blog post. But we try to keep it real around here. I want those who are regular readers of our blog to see how life really is with our little toddler.

We wanted a picture in front of the beautiful Christmas tree. Sara Madalin was not FOR that plan.

Merry Christmas from Disney - the happiest place on earth.
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K Storm said...

Glad you got to go back!

Baylee's Mommy said...

Love the last one! Might as well tell about the good, bad and the ugly right? We all have been through it :)

Penny said...

But she's a cute little fit thrower! That counts for something, right? lol
Some days I tell my behavior challenged students, "you better be glad you're cute." =)

Courtney said...

What a special time of year to get to go back. The last two pictures crack me up, we all have them in our photo collection!!