Dec 18, 2009

Breakfast with Daddy

Last Friday, before we left for the Glenns', I had to go into my office for a short while to give an exam and enter final grades. Reagan and Sara Madalin took advantage of that time to have their first Father/Daughter breakfast. I think they both really enjoyed themselves.

She's such a big girl now. She can sit in a big chair and feed herself. She doesn't even like for us to break her food into small pieces. She wants to hold her biscuit and eat it herself.

Of course, they also had a little time to fit in some play time.

I'm sure they both look forward to more Father/Daughter time in the future.
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The Glenn Gang said...

Wait until the day your kid craws all the way to the top and freaks out and you have to crawl up there to get her! Hopefully you will have a camera as you...I mean Reagan crawls up to get her!

Heather said...

Look at that hair...and those eyes...beautiful! Sounds like Daddy/Daughter time went over really well.