Dec 25, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

For as long as Reagan and I have known each other, we've always gone to his sister's house on Christmas Eve. Many of us get together there and she cooks several crock-pots full of chili. When her children where younger, we'd wait around until they were in bed and then we'd help put out their gifts. Now that they are older, and we have a little one, we don't stay quite as late.

I knew that Sara Madalin would be sleepy or asleep when we got home, so we went ahead and put out Santa's cookies before we left. We pulled out our plate for Santa's cookies.

Then I placed several cookies on the plate and filled a glass with milk. We took them over to the fireplace. Sara Madalin thought the cookies were for her. She sat down and grabbed her one off the plate.

I told her she could have one bite.

Evidently, when I turned my back, she thought she could have more. She ended up getting chocolate chips all over the front of her shirt and the floor. We had to change her shirt before we left.

When we arrived at Aunt Sue-Sue's there was a surprise for Sara Madalin.

She got a new kitchen set. She is a busy little girl, and this is a perfect toy for her busy hands and mind.

I think she liked it.

After dinner, we played for a little while longer, then came home to await Santa's arrival.

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