Dec 21, 2009

Family Christmas Tradition

Every year we all get together at Reagan's parents' for our family Christmas. It was so interesting this year to see how aware and excited Sara Madalin was. A COMPLETELY different child than she was last year.

Before we started with the gifts, Sara Madalin and Papaw played with Sam a bit. She loves Papaw, and she likes Sam quite a bit too.

We pass out all the gifts, then draw numbers to see who opens first, second, and so forth. We only open one gift at a time, so we go through the numbers several times. It's always funny that no matter what her number is, Mrs. Brown always tries to start tearing her paper off her gifts before we even begin with number one. (You can see a little paper torn off the end of one of her packages.) And poor Sam - he picked the wrong seat to lie in while gifts were being passed out.

Mr. Brown plays fiddle in a band. Reagan and Susan bought him a new case for one of his fiddles.

Sara Madalin loved every one of her gifts. The first thing we opened was her grocery basket full of plastic toys from Aunt Sue-Sue, Uncle David, Mandy, and Mitch. I COULD NOT get the plastic off it fast enough. And as soon as I did, she shook all the plastic food out into the middle of the floor and proceeded to put EACH piece in her mouth. There were some bottle soft drinks in the basket. I asked for a drink. Instead of giving me a bottle, she handed me a CAN of vegetables. Guess she notices all those Diet Coke CANS I open out of the fridge.

She also got two noisy toys. She got a keyboard from her cousin Jeffery. And she got a "Busy something-or-other" from Uncle Doyle and Aunt Karen that makes noise when you press down on it. They said something about payback from toys that Reagan bought all the other kids before we had Sara Madalin.

Oh, but the toy of the night had to be the one from Mamaw and Papaw. First, let me say, everyone else got money - Sara Madalin is the only one who got a toy. I don't know who was more excited about her getting it - her or Mamaw and Papaw. They could hardly stand it all afternoon, they we so anxious for her to see it. And here she is with that toy.

It's a rocking horse just her size. You press his ear and he "nays." Press the other ear, and he gallops. When the galloping sound ends, we have to press it again for her. She stops rocking on it until she hears the gallop.

We told Mrs. Brown that we wanted a picture of her and Mr. Brown together. She said, "I'll just sit in Tommy's lap." Look at them. They look like a couple of teenagers.

Here are Mamaw's pride and joy. Mandy, the nurse, and Jeffery, the soon-to-be attorney. She's so proud of them. (Oh, and that other kid - she's a genius as well. She was updating her Facebook status at the time so she couldn't be bothered with looking up for the picture.)

We had a great time with family. I'm so happy that Sara Madalin has grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who love and adore her so much.

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Paige said...

Sara Madalin is one lucky little girl to have a family who loves and adores her so much! Hope you continue to have a very Merry CHRISTmas season!