Dec 11, 2009

Flat Stanley's Visit

We've had a visitor this week. Flat Stanley. He came to us from our friends, Dan and Nicki, in DeLand, FL. He is part of an elementary school project that a friend of theirs is doing. Flat Stanley travels around and visits different parts of the United States, has his picture taken at his various destinations, then is sent back to his original owner with those pictures and stories of his adventures. I'll tell you right now, Flat Stanley didn't know what he was in for when he came to visit us.

First, because it's finals week and I had to remove someone earlier this semester for cheating on a test in my class, he agreed to help me keep an eye on things while my students took their exams. He's a very good classroom monitor.

Then, Wednesday night, we thought we'd show Flat Stanley around our nearest town. We live in the area between two towns. But we call Crystal Springs our hometown because that's where Reagan works and where much of our life has been the first 13 years of our marriage.

Crystal Springs was once famous for the large tomato crops produced there. I've blogged about their annual Tomato Festival that is held in the Summer. We made sure Flat Stanely knew a little about the history of the town.

Then, we had a great idea. It's time for the annual Christmas lights at Chataqua Park in Crystal Springs. And we go every year, as I blogged about last year. We thought we'd include Flat Stanely in our tradition this year. As I also mentioned in that post, I have a tradition of taking a photo of the little chapel that is part of the decorations. This year, Reagan and Sara Madalin were going to be photographed. Reagan said, "Do you want me to take Flat Stanley too?" I said, sure, why not?

And that is where things got ugly.

As Reagan was getting Sara Madalin out of her carseat behind me I heard, "No! Stop! Don't!!! No-no!"

And then I heard what sounded like paper being ripped... Poor Flat Stanley.

We got a quick photo and then decided we needed to get Flat Stanley home to mend his arm.

Once we were home, Reagan put a band-aid on Flat Stanley's arm.

He made it through the night ok, but the next morning, Reagan took Flat Stanley to the drug store with him. He gave him a little Motrin in hopes that it would help with the pain. Because, isn't that what makes us all feel better when we've had our arm ripped off - a little ibuprofin?

Evidently, that didn't work, cause Flat Stanley decided he needed to move on to something a little heavier. (You can click to enlarge the picture if you want to see what Flat Stanley asked for next.)

Reagan had to draw the line at the controlled substances. But he did carry Flat Stanley over to the clinic for x-rays. Lucky for Flat Stanley, Reagan is not only the pharmacist next door, but also a regular at that clinic. I mean, what's it been 2, 3 weeks since he had his x-rays there? Yeah, they are always happy to see Reagan coming.

Flat Stanley got the star treatment. He was wheeled around like a king.

While there were no Schedule 2 drugs prescribed for Flat Stanley, he was given something to make him feel a little better - sweets.

After his snack, Flat Stanley told Reagan there was one more thing that would really make up for him having his armed ripped from his body... A NEW CAR!!!! So they headed out front to the local used car dealer.

It's Aunt Amy!! She gave Flat Stanley a good deal on a great used car. However, not only is Flat Stanley flat and, well, PAPER, he's also too young to drive.

I'm pretty sure that Flat Stanley's time with us was unlike any other adventure he's been on in his short life. He's headed back to Florida today. Our prayer is that he makes it there safely.

And in one piece.

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K Storm said...

That Flat Stanley sure gets around! When he went traveling with us everyone seemed to know him like he'd been there before! That is a fun project and I know they appreciate your participating in it!

Cindy Lou said...

I loved this!! My son is being deployed this week and I have been so down and this blog truly made me smile!!! I sure hope that Flat Stanley makes it home safely!!!

Courtney said...

I love reading this book with kids. Looks like you guys did a great job showing him around town.

Ashlee McCrary said...

That is such a cute project! We got your adorable card in the mail today too!