Dec 14, 2009

A Girl, a Dinosaur, and a Cooler

Saturday morning Sara Madalin had the best time playing with Jonah and all his toys. He has a remote controlled dinosaur. I thought she would be afraid of it. I was wrong. She loved it. Reagan would make it move around and rear its head, and she would just giggle.

Not only did she enjoy the dinosaur, but she has found a new favorite toy that she carried around pretty much all weekend - their little igloo cooler.

I don't know why, but she would just carry this thing around like a purse all weekend. We'd hear her walking around banging against everything. Nicki would put it up in the kitchen, and before long, she'd go in there and pick it up again and bring it back into the living room. That baby is going to have to ask Santa for one of those for Christmas.

She has enjoyed playing with Jonah. I think she's a little more "rambunctious" than he. Every now and then, he'd come sit with me and say, "I'm going to sit with you Mrs. Malinda because Sara Madalin is bothering me." It was so funny.

I think she just wants to be where he is and do what he does. He sat down in his beanbag to watch TV, and she had to sit with him.

While I was taking a little nap, Nicki took a few pictures of all the kids playing with blocks.

Look at that angel. Dan said that she kept coming over and knocking over the blocks as they would try to stack them up. But that's irrelevant. Look at that sweet face and smile.

Nicki and I would have gotten nothing done (on our computers) without these next two guys this weekend.

We went to Steak 'n Shake for lunch. It was really good.

Then we went to IKEA. I found so many things I liked. Because we were flying home, I couldn't really buy much, just a few toys for Sara Madalin. I do plan to order a few things when I get back home (see page 84 in the catalog). I could have stayed there all day.

Here's a cute picture of Nicki and Sara Madalin as we were leaving. She wanted to hold Mrs. Nicki's hand. And she did - all the way to the car.

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Amanda Negley said...

i love ikea! we just bought a laptop computer and a desk, and i was looking at ikea, but couldn't figure out how to get something shipped to Hawaii...hahaha, so we ended up with a cute Better Homes desk from Wal-Mart, with a trillion pieces...needless to say my husband decided to put that off until tomorrow and hook up the computer! haha