Dec 7, 2009

I Need a Silent Night

Saturday evening we celebrated Christmas with my family. I always look forward to us getting together. And then about 3 hours later, I look forward to them leaving. Ha.

I do love my family, but they are LOUD. In addition to the adults, I had 4 boys under 10 years-old, Sara Madalin, 2 dogs, and a football game going on the TV - all at the same time. Next year, I'm going to wear ear-plugs while I cook and prepare dinner.

Sara Madalin was so excited to see my Daddy. He and my sister Brandi and her family arrived while Sara Madalin was still napping. When she got up and came into the living room, she went over to him and held her arms up for him to pick her up.

She did not let those boys have an edge on her. She kept up with them like she was one of them. It was actually surprising how well she acted around them.

As I was setting things out to serve, I told Reagan, "Take a few pictures of the food for me." This is what I got.

That's it. No more food.

That is a chocolate chip pound cake that I made for dessert. In addition to that, cooked poppy seed chicken, chicken rotel, green bean casserole, rolls and little smokies. I also bought a couple casseroles from Our Daily Bread and a cheesecake from McAlister's. We were all stuffed at the end of dinner.

My sister, Beth, brought her little dog, Chloe. Sara Madalin LOVED Chloe. Taco - not so much.

After dinner, I told everyone they had to sit down on the mat before we could open the gifts. Look at this picture and tell me they don't believe Aunt Minda means business. Well, everyone except for my own child.

Aunt Beth gave Sara Madalin a baby doll. I could not get it opened fast enough for Sugar. She can hang with the boys, but she is all girl when it comes to a baby doll.

This is my oldest nephew, Trent. Sara Madalin kept getting close to him because she was trying to get to his Bop-it. Oh, I forgot to add that to the list of NOISES - two Bop-its for the older boys. Bop-its make quite a bit of noise too.

Beth, her boys, and my Daddy left after they'd had all the fun my Daddy's nerves could stand. But Brandi, her husband, and their boys stayed the night. Elijah and Jeremiah played some Wii before bed.

Sara Madalin would not be left out. We had to give her an inactive controller so she could "play." And when they would yell and cheer, she would too.

Reagan and Jeff got smart. Jeremiah wanted to bowl with Elijah. But he couldn't really grasp the concept of how to use the controller. So, they gave him an inactive remote and Jeff sat on the couch with an active one. When it was Jeremiah's turn, he thought he was bowling, but Jeff was actually doing it.

These next two photos were taken Sunday morning. Don't they look sweet enough to eat?

Ready for church. (Notice the bracelets on Miss Priss. She had to accessorize.)

Next year, there will be one more little one running around in the middle of all the noise. Well, maybe not running, or even walking, but at least present. My sister Brandi is expecting her 3rd child in June.

And while I'm on the subject of "expecting", I've had several family members and friends - and even strangers who hardly know us - ask if we plan to adopt again. Depending on the day I'm asked, my answer varies. I always wanted a house full of children. I told Reagan when we married that I wanted 3 or 4 children. Turned out, it was not so easy to get even one. Adoption is tough. I know that carrying a child and giving birth is difficult too. I can't even begin to imagine and I'm not belittling it. But adoption is a whole other kind of tough. It took us 10 years of trying to adopt, trying to conceive, almost adopting, and just emotional pain to get her. Not that she wasn't worth every bit of it - she was. But I'm just not sure that I want to go through that, or put Reagan and our family through that again. So, right now, we have no plans to adopt again. Do we want more children? Yes. Do we want Sara Madalin to have a SISTER or brother (notice the emphasis there;-))? Absolutely. So, to answer those questions that I've been asked, no, But we are not actively seeking to adopt again. We aren't totally closed to the option. We're going to keep praying about it and do what we've tried to do all these years, stay open to whatever God has for us.

And I have to add this, if for no other reason than I hope Sara Madalin reads this one day and realizes just how much her Mommy loves her. I got what I prayed for and so much more when God gave us her. I wanted a loving, funny, sweet, social, beautiful, blue-eyed little girly-girl. I wanted a child that was healthy. I longed for a happy, intelligent, friendly child that loved everyone around her and whom everyone adored. I got all that. She's not perfect. But she's pretty close as far as I'm concerned. I've even told Reagan, I'd adopt again today, if I could be sure that I was getting another child exactly like her. I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen. So, for now, we'll just enjoy her. And maybe one day she'll make me a grandmother to a house full of little ones who I can cook for on the holidays - then send them home to their mother so me and Grandpaw Honey can take a nap.
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K Storm said...

Looks like she loved being around ALL THOSE BOYS!!! Big fun!

And those feelings on adoption...I know you pray about it all the time that God would expand your family when the time comes and thank Him for the contentment you feel now with that gift that was worth the wait.

The Glenn Gang said...

So, I've been wondering, are you planning to adopt again? :-) That's what someone who DOESN'T read all of your words would write. Not me thought...I read everything!

And, kudos on the food pics Reagan. Maybe your disney photographer should follow you around at Christmas parties too!

Penny said...

Funny, the only "food" on your husband's mind was dessert. That would have been my husband's reaction, too.
Your snow pictures are beautiful! You should make a card out of the first one of your house. How many times do you think you'll see your house looking like a Thomas Kinkaid picture? lol
We got about one inch of that stuff in Vidalia Friday night! It was almost gone by morning. Anyway, my poor little house needs more than an inch of snow to become Christmas card worthy! =)