Dec 2, 2009

It's On Her List

I am a "list" person. I have lists on my iPhone, my MacBook, and a I carry a small spiral notebook around with me to make other lists. I don't even ATTEMPT to go to the grocery store without a list. Even if I'm going for three items, without a list, I'd forget something.

Tuesday morning, while I was in our bathroom getting ready for the day, Reagan got Sara Madalin up and sat her on the couch while he got her cup of milk ready. When he came back over there, this is what he found.

My little Sugar was trying to make her own list of things to do that day. Oh, how I would have loved to know what that list consisted of:
  • Drink milk
  • Pull all my toys out of the toy box
  • Climb on the couch
  • Jump off the couch
  • Place my Princess chair on the coffee table
  • Climb on coffee table to sit in my Princess chair
It's a busy life for a toddler with so much "To Do."

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Pam Stewart said...

Sugar is writing her Christmas List, and a letter to Santa to let him know how good she has been...

blessedmomto8 said...

SO ADORABLE!!!! Couldn't live without list making! PS-I have news on my blog :)


Courtney said...

So funny,she has learned from the best!