Dec 15, 2009

My Little Dirt Devil

Monday morning we got up bright and early. Dan, Nicki, Reagan, and I had planned to go to Disney - just the adults. Sara Madalin and Jonah were going to stay with a sitter. Before we left, we caught them in Dan and Nicki's bedroom watching a little TV. She follows him everywhere and wants to do exactly what he does.

They were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

They've been playing pretty well together. Jonah shares very well. Occasionally Sara Madalin will pick something up that he would prefer she not play with. But for the most part, they play well together.

While we were gone, Miss Mandy, our sitter, took a few pictures of them. She said that Sara Madalin really enjoyed playing with the toy Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner.

Once she discovered that the Dirt Devil got Max worked up, she loved playing with it even more.

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