Dec 9, 2009

Saved by the Boog

We had an appointment earlier this week to re-visit the plastic surgeon who stitched up Sara Madalin when she cut her forehead several weeks ago. She's been to the doctor's office so much in the past few months, she knows where she is as soon as we go through the doors that lead from the waiting room to the patient room. When the nurse called us back and we started walking down the hall to the exam room, she started clinging to me and whimpering.

Lucky for me, it's ladybug season here in our area. It seems this time every year we are plagued with lady bugs. They get in houses and buildings and hang out on the ceilings and walls until they die. Sounds a little gross and morbid, I know. But that's the life of a lady bug.

Anyway, Sugar is all about "boogs" right now. So, when we walked into the patient room - and I knew there was going to be a wait where I'd have to entertain her with a mirror, a flashlight, and couple rounds of "If You're Happy and You Know It" - I was way more than happy to point out the lady bug on the floor and milk its presence for ALL it was worth.

She started off a safe distance away from the "boog."

Then she got a little braver, but still wouldn't touch it.

So, I did. And this is what she thought about Mommy touching the "boog."

She worked up her nerves to touch him too. Then she got very brave and picked him up.

And that was the last breath that "boog" took.

Oh, look, another "boog" on the blinds.

We spent the rest of our wait finding and pointing out "boogs."

So, I guess you could say, on this visit, I was saved by the boog.
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