Dec 5, 2009

Snow Day

I'm pretty sure everyone that reads my blog has already heard this news, but it SNOWED in central Mississippi Friday night. That very rarely happens.

Sara Madalin was already in the bed when our house and yard looked like this. Reagan wanted to wake her up so she could see the snow. I voted "no." So, when she got up Saturday morning, I bundled her up really good and headed outside to play for a few minutes. Look at that sweet smile. Who could resist her?

She liked her mittens, but I never could get them exactly where she wanted them. She's a little obsessive about some things.

She had the best time in the snow. She was fascinated.

Look at that face. Pure mischief.

Reagan showed her a snowball.

Then he showed her how snow falls.

Uh-oh. She got some on her mittens.

She could not understand why that snow was on her slide.

She really liked the snow. She threw a little fit when I made her go inside.

Here's a video of her when she first saw it. I thought it was so sweet the way she said, "Ohhhh!" And as you can see, her vocabulary is growing.

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K Storm said...

Sweetness! Fun to experience the newness through her eyes!