Dec 3, 2009

Where's Mommy's Baby?

For a while now, we've had a little game we play with Sara Madalin. I'll say, "Where's Mommy's baby?" and she'll pat her chest. Or Reagan will ask, "Where's Daddy's baby?" and she'll do the same thing. But these last few weeks, I've noticed that I'll soon have to change that question. I'll soon have to start asking, "Where's Mommy's BIG GIRL?"

She's growing into such an independent BIG GIRL. She sits at her table, in her chair, and feeds herself. When it's time to eat, I'll tell her to go to her table, and she'll walk over there and sit in her chair and wait for me to bring her plate and cup.

It's taken us (and Mrs. Gail) a while, but she's learning that she's not supposed to get up and wander around once she's been served her food. She's starting to sit through her whole meal, like such a BIG GIRL.

And she's starting to do more activities where she is learning and recognizing things.

This is her farm animal puzzle. She can pick up several pieces and tell me - correctly - which animal they are (pig, duck, chicken), or what sound they make (Mooooo, quack-quack).

And look at her sitting here watching TV like a BIG GIRL. I didn't pose her. She was actually sitting there watching a show on BabyFirstTV.

It's taken quite a while (and more than a few spankings) to teach her to sit still IN ONE PLACE if you want to watch TV. Now, she doesn't always do this - sitting still. She is usually playing most of the time while her shows are on. But when something comes on that she really wants to see, she goes to this spot on the mat and sits to watch what is on TV.

And look at her here with Miss Jessica and Miss Marcy at the drug store Wednesday night. She's grown so much since her first visit to the store. Now when we go, she walks all over the place, pulls things off the shelves, and says "Hey" to everyone.

Every day she grows and changes more and more and I look at her and I can't help but think, "Where's Mommy's baby?" She's all too quickly been replaced with my BIG GIRL.

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Amanda Negley said...

they do grow and change so much in the first few years. does the birth mother have access to your blog? i think it is a great way to update her and keep her informed, if she is. i know i look forward to my updates so much and love to see how my lil man has changed!

K Storm said...

Don't blink!