Jan 7, 2010

Chips & Salsa

For almost as long as we've been married, Reagan and I have eaten Mexican food out at a local restaurant at least once a week. We go often enough that we don't even have to place our order. The waiters and waitresses know what we want. Yeah, it's that bad.

While we wait for our food we usually eat some chips and salsa. Sara Madalin doesn't usually eat any because it's too spicy for her. Well, this last week, when we went for our weekly Mexican food fix, Sugar wanted her own chips and salsa. And she ate it like it was the best thing she's ever put in her mouth.

Proof once again, she is more like us than we ever imagined she could be.

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Laura said...

My husband and I have always loved Mexican food, too, and we eat it quite alot. However, we kept the salsa a "secret" from Alise until this past year (I guess I was too scared she would get choked on a chip or the salsa would be too hot). Anyway, she has now become and chip and salsa girl, too, just like her parents!