Jan 15, 2010

Don't Roll Your Eyes At Me Young Lady

I wish I could say, "Whew! I am SO behind on posting!" But I can't say that because I have taken NO pictures since Monday afternoon. So, I've really had nothing to post.

I did have Reagan take a few pictures last Saturday morning. I (finally) made plans to have photos made of Sara Madalin in her Christmas dress. Yeah, I know. I am on top of things.

Before we left, I really wanted a picture of me with my sweet girl. But she wasn't of the same mindset. So, we had a little talk.

And while she looked toward the camera, she made sure I knew she wasn't happy about it.

I have a feeling there will many moments of eye rolling at her mommy in our future.

We made the long 2 minute drive to our photographers' house and began to change her into her beautiful velvet dress. I asked Reagan to take a few pictures for me. It's clear I need to be more specific with my direction in the future. Here's a picture of Sugar running around in her diaper.

And another shot with her tights on.

And here's her gorgeous dress. I know you can't really tell much about it. But trust me, it is beautiful. And she looked like an angel in it. I said, LOOKED like an angel.

She also had photos in an ivory, silk smocked dress, a multi-colored ski hat that highlighted those big, blue eyes she has. And finally, we took some fun pictures of her in casual clothes. Mrs. Jennifer had her hyped up on Smarties by that time and she was being a ham for every photo. By the time we left, I think we were all ready for a nap.
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The Glenn Gang said...

i wanna see the pics. Do you have a code?

The Glenn Gang said...

And, I'm laughing hard now because I just saw that tag that says "Rambling for martha!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

K Storm said...

Pretty dress! Boomer give us a certain number of pics before he says he is tired of the camera.

Regina and David said...

I love your new haircut (it is new, right?)

I looked at the site and the photos are really cute!!

See ya in a few days!

Lauren said...

I laughed so hard at the picture of her rolling her eyes! She is too much:) I also love your hair!

Laura said...

Bee-you-tiful dress!!! Love the pic of Baby Girl rolling her eyes! Priceless!!