Jan 16, 2010

First Week of Daycare - The Wrap Up

After one week of going to Big Girl daycare I can already see a slight difference in Sara Madalin. She's resting very well at night. She's always slept through the night, but she is exhausted by 7:00 p.m. and goes down without even letting me rock her. After dinner and a bath, we read a book and as soon as I turn off the lamp, she starts pointing to her bed. I can also tell a slight difference in her personality. She's a little more clingy. Maybe it's a phase, but I kind of think it's because she's around so many new people all day that she wants her mama at night.

She's getting a lot more activity during the day. They play in the room, but they also go out side in the mornings and afternoon. And while that's good, there have been a few "instances" that we (I) could have lived without. When I picked her up Tuesday, she had a scratch on her belly. The teacher said that she'd hurt herself on the playground. She hadn't cried, but it had broken the skin. I almost cried when I saw it. I've been putting medicine on it and it's cleared up pretty much. Then, when I picked her up Wednesday I had a note attached to her daily sheet that she'd been bitten. And Friday, she had a scratch on her face. Evidently there'd been a little scuffle over a toy with another child. I tell you what, daycare is not for sissies. But, even though I don't like her being hurt those ways, I did want her to learn to interact socially with others her age. She's definitely having to learn quick to interact. I don't know, but I'm pretty sure she's holding her own in there.

She's not cried when we've dropped her off. Friday when I was about to leave she did start with, "Mama, mama." and was holding her arms up to me. But I bent down and told her that I was going to leave and that she was going to watch a movie with Ms. Jo-Jo and the other kids. She hugged me and walked over to the mat where the other kids were sitting and sat down to watch the movie. She's not cried when I pick her. But she is very excited about seeing me.

One other pretty big change that she's experienced this week is in the way of eating. I've always cut her food up for her into small pieces. If it's something messy, I feed her. At daycare, she feeds herself. See, Exhibit A.

That's chocolate pudding all over the front of the shirt she wore Friday. I'm not sure how much of it ended up in her mouth. But if the shirt is any indication, she REALLY enjoyed it.

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Laura said...

Hang in there with the new daycare. Alise got bitten several times, but I was always so thankful that SHE was not the one doing the biting! And as for messy shirts, I learned to not dress Alise in anything that resembled a white shirt! To this day, she cannot keep any form of white clean! And to think she's a GIRL!! Have a great weekend!

Gail said...

These "scuffles" as you put it are because Gail is not there to intervene. LOL I'm so happy for ya'll that she is doing well. I knew she would. Give her a kiss for me. :)

Ashlee McCrary said...

Rylie did have the clingy phase as well when she started part-time preschool. She had rough drop offs tho but would be very clingy to me at night & other days when we were home. It also took her a little while to get the hang of eating everything herself & drinking from a big girl cup since her school doesnt do sippys. So you're def not alone! The first few weeks are the hardest! It'll get better soon! Sara Madalin's a toughy!