Jan 13, 2010

I'm a Big Girl Now

Sara Madalin has had no problem adjusting to her new daycare as far as we can see. Reagan and I both dropped her off Monday morning. When we walked in the door, she nearly jumped out of my arms to get down and start playing.

I put her down and she never looked back.

I wanted to take a picture of her with her nap mat. I ordered it off etsy. It's zebra print, lined in hot pink and has her name monogrammed on it. She wasn't that interested in having her picture made with the mat.

I was worried about her napping on it. She's always napped in a crib or bed. I was afraid she wouldn't lie still and sleep on a mat. I was wrong. Her teacher said it took a little while to settle down, but she slept 1 hour Monday and 2 on Tuesday.

We tried to get her to give us a kiss and tell us bye. She blew a kiss in our general direction but she was done with us.

I think she's doing well so far. I'm kind of sad that she's not getting the more individualized attention that she got at Mrs. Gail's. There are more children in her class than she's used to being around all day. But I think she's adjusting well. The teachers tell me she is.

See the doll in her right hand? She had that when I picked her up Tuesday. She was giving it love when I walked in. When she saw me she tossed it to the side and ran to me. Talk about melting her mama's heart.

Monday when I picked her up, they were just getting into the bye-bye buggy to go for a walk outside. I tried to get her to let me unbuckle her and come with me. She turned away and acted like she didn't want to go. But when I walked away, she changed her mind.

I think she's adjusting well. I just wish God would give her a little self-confidence. She's so shy I just don't know what we're going to do. Ha.

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K Storm said...

She's going to learn how to play with lots of friends! Also the routine that they have will be helpful to her settling in. She is getting to be a big girl!

The Glenn Gang said...

Isn't napping on the mat the strangest thing? Jonah's first day at daycare had me worried about the same thing. I went back at lunch and looked through the door and he was sound asleep. Apparently it is something about all the other kids doing it.

Courtney said...

Sounds like she is doing great. I love her nap mat!