Jan 26, 2010

Is This Your Dog?

Saturday afternoon we were visiting with Reagan's parents who had come up to see Sara Madalin for a little while. As we were sitting there, we heard a loud knock at our front door. Now, we live on a dead end, dirt road with only two other families. We'd not heard a car pull up. We don't get a lot of foot traffic out here, so the knock was a bit of a surprise. Reagan went to the door to see who it was.

Standing there was a little boy and a little girl. She was holding a puppy. She said, "We were wondering, is this your dog?" Reagan said, "No, it's not." The little boy said, "Do you want him?"

And that's when I decided I better go to the door. Because if I didn't become a part of the conversation soon, there was a strong chance that I'd have another living creature by the end of the day that I'd have to remember to feed.

Turns out they had found the dog near their house. They live on the other side of the lake. There is another entrance to their house. They had been walking all around the lake asking people if the dog belonged to them. They were so sincere. They really wanted to find the dog's owner and home. Once we firmly established that we neither owned the dog, nor did we have a desire to own him, they were on their way.

And they got as far as the end of our drive way before they turned around.

Reagan and Mr. Brown had gone outside after the kids left. When they saw the two men (clearly the most compassionate of all in the house they'd just left) outside, they came over with tears in their eyes and asked if Reagan would help them find a home for the dog. Then they asked if they could come in and play with our little girl. They all came back in and they and Sara Madalin played with the dog for a few minutes.

Poor dog. He didn't have a clue what his day held when he woke up that morning.

She carried him around the same way she carries her baby dolls.

I want you to look closely at her expression (as best you can see it) in this next picture. She was so happy and excited to finally get close enough to hold an animal. No other dog has allowed her to do this. Then, look at the expression on the dog's face. He looks a little afraid. As he should be.

Finally we made her give him love and Reagan carried the children - AND their dog - back home.
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K Storm said...

Oh, I am the kind that would keep that puppy...glad they didn't ring my doorbell!!

Lynn said...

I can't believe you didn't keep that sweet baby. Taco needed a playmate as well as SM.