Jan 19, 2010

Memories for My Girl

I love memories. I love to share them. I love to hear or read others sharing them. I love the smiles and laughter that memories bring. I think that is one reason I enjoy blogging so much. It helps me keep so many memories that I would otherwise forget, or might not be able to pass down to my daughter. I try to blog almost every day because I love memories.

My friend Nicki is very much like me in this respect. She is actually the one who got me interested in blogging. And throughout my blogging, she has given me a great deal of inspiration and so many ideas for blogging topics. When we were visiting with them a few months ago, she told me about a book that is basically a journal for mothers to use to pass on their memories to their children. Since I don't have as much time to take photos of Sara Madalin every day, and because she's really not doing much besides going to daycare and coming home, I thought journaling some memories and things I'd like to pass on to her would be great blogging topics. I've ordered the book and plan to share a few of the topics here throughout this year. I won't share everything because some of the topics are a little too personal. But I'm excited about sharing some of the lighter memories.

While I wait for the book, I was thinking about some things I could share to start this memory-fest. Here are some questions and memories I'd like to share with Sara Madalin.

1. What was your favorite thing about being a kid?
I think that one of my favorite things about being a kid, aside from the whole "no responsibility" and "innocence" thing, was going to my grandparents' houses in the summer. I'd spend a week with Mamaw Sistrunk and then a week with Mamaw Bobby and Papa.

Mamaw Sistrunk was a widow. I'd go to work with her at the Tasty Freeze every day. She let me eat all the ice cream I wanted. Probably not such a good thing. I'd sleep with her and she'd get on to me because I'd move too much while I fell asleep. Reagan says I still do that. I guess it's part of that whole "Princess and the Pea" thing. If there is even the slightest wrinkle in the sheet, I have to move it to straighten it, or I can't sleep. If anything is not just right, I'm up until it's fixed.

Anyway, what was I talking about?

At Mamaw and Papa's I'd get to go to the golf course and drive a golf cart until the battery was dead. Or go fishing. And I can't even begin to guess at how many trips to Wal-Mart my mamaw and I would make during the week I was at her house.

2. What was your favorite subject in school?
I LOVED school. I did well in every class, but my favorite subject was probably literature. I always enjoyed reading. I even read books that I wasn't assigned to read. I still love reading. And that's probably a very good thing, seeing as how I have to read about 4 chapters a day for the next three months in the class I'm currently taking. But I digress.

3. Who was your best friend when you were 10?
Lacey was my best friend in 5th grade. We became friends because I sat in front of her when our teacher made us sit in alphabetical order. And for some reason, when you're 10 and you sit in front of someone, you become best friends. I remember spending the night at her house and dancing to Michael Jackson's "P-Y-T." Good times.

4. What's your favorite color?
Purple. It's always been my favorite color. I have a picture somewhere of me and my sister Brandi dressed in our Easter dresses. Mine is purple and hers is yellow. I loved that dress. As a matter of fact, my Easter dress this past year had purple in it.

5. What's your favorite crust and topping on a pizza?
I like thin crust, Supreme pizza. But I always pick the onions and black olives off. Cause I'm weird like that.

Maybe this kind of post isn't interesting to many who read our blog. But I'm hoping that someday it means something special to my sweet girl.
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The Glenn Gang said...

#2 Should have read

Literature because I am SO good with the words!

I think you'll enjoy the book and doing this. It is actually dated and I thought about going according to the date but decided that would take the creativity out of it for me. So, I search for a topic I want to write about or just make up my own.

Laura said...

OMG!! We have SO much in common! Purple is my favorite color (have an eggplant colored dress on right this moment!), too! My wedding was purple and I pick the black olives off my pizza, too!